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Useful Products for Managing Food Allergies

Carrying & Storing Allergy Medications
Clothing, Bracelets, Buttons, Stickers, Patches & Tags
Other Products - For Families
Other Products - For Schools


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Carrying & Storing Allergy Medications

Autoinjector carrying pouches and waist bands

Medicine cases and bags

Carry Nine
Premium leather wallets that also hold an Auvi-Q

Stylish EpiPen® handbags and accessory cases

LegBuddy EpiPen® carrier that goes on your leg or ankle.

Rescue Facts I.D. Wraps
This clever product wraps around seat belts, backpack straps, etc. to make emergency information (not the actual medications) readily available.

Safety Sack
Clear nylon pouch (with safety lock) designed to hold meds at school, in diaper bag, etc.

The Yellow Cross Company
A United Kingdom company selling personalized medical kit bags and translation cards

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Food Allergy Bracelets, Clothing, Buttons, Stickers, Patches & Tags

Food allergy awareness wrist band system

Children's and adult clothing, plus buttons, wrist bands and tote bags

Allergy Kidz Ware
An Australian company selling customized allergy awareness clothing and products

Allergy Warning Labels
Stickers, badges and more for allergy sufferers and restaurant personnel

Allergy alert wristbands,dog tags and labels

Alert Clothing Company
Food allergy alert t-shirts in a variety of designs

Allert Shirt
Food allergy alert t-shirts, stickers, wrist bands and caps

Blue Bear Aware
Allergy alert clothing, epi-pouches, playdate cards, stickers and badges

Bumpy Name Orbit Labels
Non-adhesive, reusable, personalized bands for labeling bottles, sippy cups, and other drinking containers

Chic Alert Medical ID
Fashionable medical ID jewelry

Eyedentity Labels
Customizable food allergy alert temporary tattoos

Fiddledee IDs
Medical IDjewelry, bag tags, food allergy temporary tattoos and stickers

A U.K. company selling children's allergy awareness clothing and products

Label It or Lose It
Personalized self-adhesive waterproof allergy alert labels

Lauren’s Hope Medical ID
Custom engraved medical ID bracelets, necklaces, dog tags and more for adults & kids

Mabels Labels
Customized water-proof allergy alert labels

MedicAlert Foundation
Medical ID and emergency support network

N-Style ID
Medical jewelry for every occasion

Safety Sticker Store
Food allergy alert stickers

Star Allergy Alerts
Australian company selling allergy awareness clothing, badges and stickers

STAT kids
Variety of products to identify and protect kids with food allergies and other conditions

Talk for Me Tees
Food allergy alert t-shirts for babies and toddlers

Trac-It Light Food Allergy Labels
Cute red, yellow and green food allergy pantry stickers

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Other Products - For Families

Afterglow Cosmetics
Gluten-free natural/organic cosmetics

Allergy Translations
Customized print-at-home Allergy Translation Cards, 20+ languages, 175 allergies

AllerMates Lunch Boxes
Allergy alert insulated lunch boxes and snack totes

Beyond A Peanut
Educational flash cards designed to teach children with peanut and tree nut allergies, and those who care for them, how to stay safe.

DVD: "I'm Not Nuts" - Living with Food Allergies
Documentary about the challenges and realities of living with food allergies

EggNots Dyeable Ceramic Eggs
Enables those with egg allergies to be able to enjoy dying Easter eggs.

Kiss Freely Allergy-Friendly Bath & Body Products
Skin care, makeup and other personal care products free of the top-8 allergens plus.

Music: Kyle Dine's "You Must Be Nuts"
Children's music CD all about food allergies

Neat Solutions
Disposable adhesive placemats for covering table tops when dining away from home

Plane Sheets
Personal airline seat covers, available in disposable or washable fabrics

Safe Keepers
Reusable plastic food storage containers labeled "stop" and "go," for your "safe" and "unsafe" foods

Select Wisely
Customized food translation cards, available in 14 languages and 40 different foods


Other Products - For Schools

AllerSchool Software System
Complete solution for serving students with food allergies in K-12 schools


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