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Managing Your Child's
Life-Threatening Food Allergies Just Got Easier!

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The Best Food Allergy Instruction Manual Available     
Caring for a child who has severe, potentially fatal food allergies is a challenge that affects nearly every aspect of your family's daily life. How do you keep your child away from even tiny amounts of common foods? Food, and food residue, is everywhere.

How to Manage Your Child's Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Practical Tips for Everyday Life by Linda Marienhoff Coss provides the potentially life-saving information you need to create a safe and enjoyable home, school and social life for your child. Order today!

Food allergy children can be kept safe and happy Learn from a Mom Who's Been There
Get the sort of practical advice that can only come from a fellow food allergy parent. Learn how to handle common situations, and be warned of potential dangers you may not have considered. Includes hundreds of easy-to-read tips and numerous checklists, sample forms, helpful scripts and real-life examples all applicable regardless of which allergens you must avoid, and all written in a "quick read"-type style. Click here to see the table of contents and some sample pages.

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